Challenges on Steemit brings together the active challenges on Steemit

There are many challenges and contests on Steemit, some with significant prizes, but until now there has been no single place where you can come to browse them all.
SteemChallenges gathers together past entries in these contests and links to the original posts on the main Steemit site.
Use to browse past entries in chronological order. You will also get some background information about the challenges, stats, interviews with the hosts and more useful information.
Each week we will also be promoting a challenge and regularly giving interviews to the people who run the challenges, to find out what motivates them and what they like most about running challenges here on Steemit.
This site will have many uses for challenge seekers, I for one will be using it for inspiration!
Culture Vulture Challenge
Feast on some culture with this monthly challenge hosted by @eroche. This challenge will have you digging out old photo albums and reliving some trips you made to amazing places around the world.
Open Mic Challenge
@luzcypher inspires musicians with this weekly challenge.
More Challenges Coming Soon
Of course there are many more challenges running on steemit than listed here. We aim to cover all the active challenge on Steemit, in time, so that this site can be your definitive source if your looking to take part in a challenge or even just browse for some inspiration.

If you wish to get your challenge listed here before we get to it organically please message me on Steemit chat @eroche with the details.
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